examples of co-investors

Our whole philosophy revolves around aligning ourselves with co-investors who have the most sophisticated networks, experience and track record. We have no formal ties with any party and will invest with a select few syndicates. Below are two examples of syndicates with whom we have co-invested in a number of deals

24HAYMARKET A group of experienced investors, entrepreneurs with a network spanning multiple industry sectors

There are few sectors in which 24 Haymarket do not have expertise and an extensive network of industry contacts. Their perspectives range from the senior private equity investor to seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced CEOs. This enables them to make robust decisions quickly, concentrate due diligence on the things that matter, close deals and lend our considerable network to actively support their investments. 24 Haymarket was short listed for the 2015 angel syndicate of the year.

PARKWALK ADVISORS Palkwalk has raised over £500m for its funds and has a proven track record

Parkwalk manage the University of Oxford Innovation Funds and the University of Cambridge Enterprise Funds. Parkwalk won the Investment Week ‘Best EIS Fund‘, Growth Investor ‘Best Exit 2015‘ and the EIS Association ‘Best Exit of 2014‘ awards, and has been named by both Crunchbase and Ascendant as one of the UK’s top 10 most active technology investors in both 2014 and 2015.