What we do


Greenwood Way Capital (GWC) offers their members, both funds and individuals, the opportunity to co-invest in early stage companies. The investment opportunities are usually selected by our partner syndicates and are usually early-stage UK companies which have innovative ideas or unique disruptive technologies and are led by highly entrepreneurial management. GWC members will invest in exactly the same class of shares and have the same rights as other shareholders. In early stage investing documentation is key. Our members will be signing the same subscription documentation and shareholder agreements that have been compiled by seasoned investors in the lead syndicate.

The offer of GWC membership is confined to suitably qualified high net worth individuals and other sophisticated investors. The minimum investment in any one deal will usually be £20,000.

We don’t give investment advice, perform due dilligence and give no opinion as to suitability. We don’t source deals but rather use the expertise and experience of others, who are investing their own money, to perform that task. We hope to provide our members access to investment opportunities that so far have been the preserve of professional syndicates and fund managers.

the logistics

If you are a suitably qualified person i.e. (i)(a certified high net worth individual (regulation 48), (ii) a sophisticated investor (regulation 50) or (iii) a self-certified sophisticated investor (regulation 50A) and would like to become a member, please contact us. You will be required to sign an agreement with GWC. Please note that investments in unquoted securities are highly speculative, carrying high risk as well as the potential for high rewards. There is no ready market for the realisation of that investment, or its valuation, or the risks to which an investment is exposed.

Once you are a member you will be notified of any potential investments via email. This will be followed by presentation(s) by company management usually in a central London area.

Should you wish to invest in any company you will be sent the necessary documentation from the solicitors working on the deal or by the target company which you will return with the subscription amount and applicable fees. All shareholders will remain beneficiaries and will be responsible for voting on any corporate actions.

Fee structure

There are no joining fees or ongoing membership costs. Deal costs are usually incurred by the company raising funds, in the rare occasion where this is not the case members will be notified of any charges. There are no other member charges  such as performance fees upon exit or on-going management charges.